Your Library Services

Kinver Library is more than about books. It’s a place to meet, learn and relax.

Borrow a book, CD or DVD

It seems obvious that “borrowing a book, CD or DVD” is and has been the fundamental reason for the library’s existence. BUT, while you visit us to borrow a book, CD or DVD, please take a moment to see what else is going on in the building. INDEED, feel free to join us at our growing list of interesting activities.

Order a Book, CD or DVD

You can order a book, CD or DVD that is not in Kinver’s stock, either in person at the library or by using this link which takes you to the appropriate Staffordshire County Council Library Service Webpage. As Kinver Community Library Ltd works in partnership with Staffordshire County Council Library Service, the internal computer based Library Management System remains in place to record such computer based customer instructions. You can set up a messaging system to be informed when your requested item has arrived in Kinver.

The Café and Daily Newspapers

In this hectic world we have become used to “Chilling Out” over a hot drink in a local café. Kinver Community Library has decided to offer this option to those in need of some quiet time, or a desire to meet old and new friends. You will be able to have a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cappuccino while delving into a selection of daily newspapers. Please come in to relax from January 2017 to enjoy the following selection of newspapers, which cover a spectrum of political opinion:

The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The “I”, The Express and Star.

Although hot drinks are chargeable at £1 for tea, coffee and hot chocolate and £1.50 for cappuccino, there is no charge for the newspapers. We will also be offering children squash and biscuits at an appropriate charge should they want to come alone or accompany their parents in a visit to the Library.
Once we have had sufficient experience of managing the Library on our own, we are also considering offering café patrons slices of delicious cake baked locally in the village. Watch this space for developments.

Hold Meetings in the Library

The many Village Societies have, over time, found a location for their Committee Meetings. However, we understand that there is a genuine need for alternatives. Thus we offer use of the library building for a small fee of £15 per evening. Please note that there will be a need to discuss security at the time of booking, in line with our insurance obligations.
In the late summer of 2017 we will be replacing the fixed shelves with mobile versions. Then, we will be able to offer more space for larger village events. Please watch this space for developments.

The Exchange Corner

To develop our future services every source of potential income needs expanding. 

We know from other retail sectors that a market exists for good quality used products. Kinver Community Library Ltd therefore wants to create a new income stream by starting an exchange of used products such as Books, Games, Toys, Puzzles, CDs and DVDs. 

We hope that you will consider adding to our stock and exchanging the donated item for a new item for the minimal fee of 50p. 

Books, CDs and DVDs deleted from SCC stock will be added to the 6 boxes located next to the library desk for an exchange fee of 50p. Please search your cupboards and shelves for items to deliver and exchange at your Library.

Free Computer Use and Free Wi-Fi

Kinver Library has 4 computers for free public use. If you don’t have your own computer or are a visitor to our Village, come along to have free access to:

  • Research information.
  • Join our Computer workshops to learn and improve your computer skills. Please use this link to sign up to the training workshops to be arranged and run by Andy Calloway, our very own computer specialist.

One set of headphones is available to use in the Library. We are considering selling further headphones for use at home or in the library and possibly memory sticks for use in creating portable files. Please watch this space for availability and prices for these items.

Photocopying and Laminating

A sophisticated photocopier for A4 and A3 black & white and colour copying is available in the Library for your use at a fee. Please see library charges.

​A laminator capable of laminating A3 & A4 documents is available at the library. Please see library charges.