Today’s shadowing session gave me not only more practice in the general nuts and bolts of library volunteering – issuing, discharging, renewing, ordering and shelving books – but also an opportunity to influence the display.  Creativity, here we come!

Regular visitors to the Library will know there’s a pyramid-shaped bookstand, strategically positioned so you can’t miss it when you come through the door.  As such, it’s used to house ever-changing topical displays and give visitors ideas for relevant reads.  There’s many a time I’ve spotted a title on there that I might not have otherwise sought or even been aware of, and over the years it’s been a source of some new favourites.  All set up with some beautiful volumes in celebration of last week’s National Poetry Day, it was now overdue for a change of focus.

It’s Mid-October, so what would make a good theme?  Perhaps a little predictably, we thought along the lines of… ‘Get yourself in the mood for Halloween with a spooky ghost story’ …and set about scouring the shelves for suitably sombre book jackets and chilling titles.  The space so poetically graced by Sylvia Plath, John Betjeman and friends was menacingly invaded by Stephen King, Dean Koontz and cronies.  Job done.

But the ‘you can’t miss it’ theory proved itself straight away, and the next few visitors stopped, magnet-like, at the pyramid.  They picked away at the tantalising books, leaving a gappy-toothed aftermath.  So back to the shelves to get our claws into some unsuspecting replacements. 

Katherine Dixson
14th October 2016