If you are worried about your hearing or that of a friend or family member, then make a note of the first quarterly advice session from Action on Hearing Loss, to be held at Kinver Library  on Thursday 27th April, from 10.30am until 1.30pm. 

This drop-in facility is completely free and confidential, and you can take advantage of a simple hearing screening test or simply enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with an experienced adviser.  Discuss challenges such as having to turn up the television, difficulties in coping with background music, or anything that impacts your quality of life.

Kinver Community Library is pleased that Action on Hearing Loss has chosen to offer this valuable service on their premises, and the volunteers look forward to welcoming them.

Action on Hearing Loss is a national charity founded in 1911, and their approachable staff will lend a supportive ear.  For further information contact Staffordshire Community Support Officers: Gill on 07960 407595 or Ruth on 07939 169157 or email heartohelp.staffordshire@hearingloss.org.uk