There’s good news if you’re afraid to visit the library because your books are overdue: we have declared an April Amnesty!  Any books returned this month that are past their due date will simply be welcomed back without a fine. 

Readers are encouraged to search out overdue library books lurking under beds, down the back of the sofa or at the bottom of the toybox.  Maybe you have some nestled on your own bookshelves, so familiar that you assume they belong to you!  Now’s your chance to find them and make some space at home without fear of incurring fines, no matter how long ago they were due back.  Book stock manager, Val Davis, says “The hardworking volunteers look forward to being showered with those overdues please, no questions asked!”

If borrowers need longer than the standard three week issue period, books can be renewed as long as another reader hasn’t requested the book.  We have a renewal link on the home page of the website:

While you’re at the library, why not read the papers, have a cuppa or find out about our wide range of groups and activities?  And of course browse the shelves for your next volume … but don’t forget to bring it back!