Local children and adults alike are invited to join local author Krista Joy as she reads from her fantasy novel ‘Dragons and Dreamsellers’ at Kinver Community Library on Saturday 6th May at 11:00am.

Krista is currently promoting ‘The Portal Maker,’ her second book and eagerly anticipated sequel to Dragons and Dreamsellers, both of which will be available to borrow from Kinver Library, a community led project run entirely by volunteers.

Krista has been writing for a number of years, and hopes to gather a greater following by sharing some of her work with a small intimate audience.  ‘Dragons and Dreamsellers’ has received positive reviews for its fantastical characters and original storyline.

‘The Portal Maker’ continues following Letisha Tate on another time-bending journey to the Otherworld accompanied by her best friends Toby the watchmaker’s apprentice and Sheridan the dragon.  Krista explains: “Sheridan is given the task of babysitting his boffin cousin, who is playing around with the science of time.  The trouble is, Time might not want to play along.  Letisha has battled Father Time before, but she will also have to tackle the nastiest monsters the Otherworld has to offer and save her own world before it’s too late!”

Signed copies of both books will be available to purchase on the day, and visitors will have a chance to meet and chat with Krista about her work and upcoming school visits.

Anyone interested in booking a reading can get in touch with Krista via the website at www.dragonsanddreamsellers.co.uk