At the start of the year (2018) I resolved to walk the footpaths of the Parish of Kinver of which there are nearly a hundred.

I have been encouraged to start this blog by Jane Sadler to encourage others to follow my footsteps and also offer a guide to the paths themselves.

In the library we have path details drawn up by the Civic Society and also sell at a very modest price 10 of their leaflets covering a number of chosen walks.

All of the footpaths are numbered on the Definitive Map and if you’re lucky the start and end of a path will have a finger post showing this number and the direction of travel.

You can access this map via:

I find this site the best way of planning my walks: drill down into the map, find the numbered path (shown in vivid purple) left click on it and note the start and end of the path.

I am more than half way through this project and have yet to decide how I blog the earlier footpaths – I’ll probably start all over!

But let’s get started with footpath 56!

FP 56     walked 28th February – sub-zero but sunny

Start – Astles Rock Walk at lower end of Comber Road – finger post shows 56

End – joins FP 34 on Kinver Edge – no number marker

Duration – about 20 minutes

This is a good pull up to near the top of the Edge. It is paved at the start and after passing through “Brackendale’s” car port to the left it starts to look like a footpath! Like most of Kinver Edge there are many unofficial paths that wander hither and thither. FP 56 is no exception so keep to the right if there is a divide and head up west.

Having walked FP 34 already I just headed down it back to Comber Road and with a bit of a detour managed to make the walk last about an hour, although FP 56 takes about 20 minutes with stops to catch breath!