FP 57     walked 5th March 2018 – weather dry but incredibly muddy underfoot

Start – Bannut Tree Road 200 yards south of Bath Lane – finger post shows 57

End – Heron(s) Gate Road– finger post shows 57

Duration – about 20 minutes

Before I started the walk I spotted a strange phenomenon  – see the picky of the road sign. Soil had swept onto a snowdrift and created this ugly mess. Be informed that a new word has been aired for this – “snoil”!


Now to the walk

There is a finger post on the east side of Bannut Tree Road showing 57 and pointing to the stile 5 yards to the west! – see photograph of that stile.

Cross the field diagonally to the south west (this means hang a left after the stile) – it could be muddy! My boots felt like concrete blocks after 200 yards!

Get to the far corner of the field which you leave through a little thicket – seek and thou shalt find a stile somewhere in there!

Climb into the next field, turn right and follow the perimeter of the field to a gate at Pigeon House Farm.

Continue along the track South to the road

I then walked down and right at the crossroads for about a mile to walk FP 58 at Sheepwash Lane – but that is another story!