Local artist and architect Geoff Sidaway is showing his work in an exhibition entitled “Our Local World”, running throughout June at Kinver Community Library.

The watercolour illustrations displayed at the Library capture different local landmarks and views, all of which have a significance for Geoff, who has now retired from a 51-year career in architecture. He has been inspired to draw on his personal connections with certain places to create a series of works that bring to life a variety of familiar scenes.

Geoff says: “After retiring, I still wanted to draw and work in watercolour. I set out to create nine vignettes, portraying different aspects of the area, including churches, pubs, local transport and views, together with past and present buildings of interest.”

Geoff drew on his own photographic collection and his library of local history and travel guides as a basis for the work. His subjects include Stuart Crystal’s Red House Cone, where his family worked as blacksmiths; Hagley Hall, where his mother’s family was in service; The Plough & Harrow pub in Stourbridge, owned for many years by a relative; and Arley Ferry, where he had witnessed the final historic crossing.

You can discover more of Geoff’s Local World on the walls of Kinver Community Library throughout June.