You may be aware that we have regular genealogy sessions for adults who are interested in exploring their family history, but as part of our summer holiday activities we are also offering a chance for children and their families to look into this together.

Our resident expert, Jenny Metcalfe, will guide you through the basics of how to go about using information already at your disposal to search online via various resources. It’s an exciting process and a similar event last summer was very much enjoyed by the families that took part. You’ll receive an attractive ‘My Family Tree’ booklet in which to begin to record your findings, then you can add to it at your leisure after the event if you continue the fascinating hobby of delving into your ancestors’ stories.

Booking is essential for the workshop, which runs on Saturday 28th July from 2 until 4.30pm, and is just £5 per family group (plus a small charge for any findings that you wish to print out). On reserving your place, you’ll be given a sheet of advice regarding facts and pictures that you might like to dig out in advance and bring along.

Pop into the library to book, or phone on 01384 872348.