We are delighted to announce that Kinver Community Library has joined the Refill scheme. This is a national initiative, designed as a step towards alleviating the massive problem of single-use plastics.

The library has registered as a participating Refill Station which means that people can come in and ask us to fill their water bottle from our kitchen tap, for free, whenever we are open.* As we are blessed with so many great walking routes on the doorstep, we hope it will prove a useful service as well as making good environmental sense. ¬†From a health and safety perspective, we’ll ask the person to remove their bottle top themselves and we won’t let the neck of the bottle come into contact with the tap when we fill it for them.

You can read more about Refill here: https://www.refill.org.uk and people with smartphones or tablets can download the free app, which provides a handy hotspot map for your nearest Refill Station wherever you find yourself – and if that’s Kinver, it’s us! (The nearest in the scheme otherwise are in Kidderminster, Stourbridge or Kingswinford.) Users of the app can also earn points every time they fill up, to put towards a reward such as a spare reusable bottle.

To find out more about why the industry body Water UK backs the scheme, check out this BBC News piece: Plastic bottles: Free water refill points rolled out to cut waste

So whether you’re refreshing your reading matter or not, be sure to pop in and get that all-important reusable bottle refilled.

* Check home page for opening hours.